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At the point of cancelling my subscription

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I'm at the the point of cancelling my subscription. Nothing makes logical sense in Vectorworks. I have been trying to learn this program for months now, just as I think I'm getting somewhere and attempt to draw a 'real life' show instead of test stuff, something else happens which I spend hours trying to find out what I did wrong. This time, I don't think I have done anything incorrect, but, I obviously have. (the obviously here is very much facetious)


First on a test plot; 








The next day:







What am I doing wrong this time? Both are exactly the same. 


I feel it's just not worth the time and effort. I know I'm moaning but I have been using Light Converse, Cad and other drawing programs for a couple of decades now. I just can't get my head round some of the syntax in this program. I do read the manuals, I do look at the forum post and I do follow the lessons. But man, why does stuff like this happen? 


Anyway, if someone could point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful. 


Thank you, Iain


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 It is because you also have Unit Number and Universe checked as well. The Universe and DMX address won't play well together in one operation. Best just leave the DMX and Unit fields checked and the Universe will number itself. 

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That particular slip-up gets everyone from time to time.  It would be so much better if the Spotlight Numbering DIalog opened showing all of the Parameters at once, or some indication that more than one field is checked for numbering. @Scott C. Parker Perhaps a future enhancement? Especially as it is such a common mistake.

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@lainy1961 that dialog will also pick up where you left off numbering so you have to pick a different field, start at 1, then pick the field you want, deselect the other field, then start at 1… it’s a mess but it works if you go through that rigmarole. Sadly, it’s been that way for years. Bug’s been submitted. Maybe it will get fixed someday… 

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On the same subject as before, why aren't these the same? Is there a button to sync the two resources? 





What HD folder should Vectorworks be referencing to? The user data folder in preferences says it is tied to a folder that doesn't exist in my hard drive. Should I change that to the actual application folder? Will that get the resource manager and resource picker thingy (I don't know its proper name) to sync? 

I have spent two hours trying to put the logo onto a video screen. I have looked at help and forum posts but nothing works. I just don't know which HD folder Vectorworks is referencing. 



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If you want to add a Logo to a Video screen, then you need to make your own Renderworks Texture resource. An Image resource like the one you are showing will not work. 


The Video Screen will come with a stock Texture resource called Vectorworks Logo RT. This will already be displayed on the screen as you have no doubt noticed. My advice would be to duplicate that texture resource and follow the workflow for editing images within a Texture. It is very straightforward and should take just a few seconds.


  1. Right-click on the duplicated texture and select Edit.
  2. Under the Color shader menu you will see Image displayed. Click on the Edit button and select Change image.
  3. Select Import an Image File and then navigate to the image on your machine that you want to use.
  4. Then press Open and OK and OK again and the Image will be loaded onto your Video screen.

There are a few rudimentary controls within the Video screen plug-in to change the position and scale of the image, and then you should be done.


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Thanks for your swift reply. I did read about how to do all that but my problem is the resource manager and the window that pops up in the texture edit are not synced. I imported the image I want to use into the resource manager, even made a folder for other bits and pieces for this show, however that folder and many others are not aligned with the window that pops up. (I don't know its correct name but the one that looks like the resource manager but isn't. ) This is what I mean






Why can't I see that folder?


Thank you,


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The Bits2 Folder contains an Image Resource. The Video Screen is looking for a Texture Resource. I think that is why you are not seeing the folder. I think that the Edit Screen Image is probably misleading you into thinking that you are looking for an image resource when in fact you need to look for a Renderworks Texture.


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Nope. Just trying to put it in that folder. I will look up how to do that. 


This program almost drives me to tears. I Light Converse if I want a drape, I make a drape, put the texture I want in it, type in the size and its there. Here, it's like a epic battle just to find a curtain, and then to size it etc. I also know its my lack of understanding because I have seen some fantastic drawings come out of Vectorworks which is the reason I am trying to learn it, but man oh man 


Thank you so much for your help and patience. 

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