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Editing the supplied PIOs etc

Mat Caird


I would love to be able to edit the "issue manager" tool, but of course the script is locked.

I read in an earlier post that NNA do not want to have to trouble-shoot erros caused by users such as myself, who tend to wreck things, then get confused and blame someone else (ie NNA). Hence locking the supplied scripts.

So, why not "force" the user to duplicate the locked scripts before editing them - 4 lines of code at most? That way, both NNA and the users get what they want...

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there are a couple of ways of handling editable pio's that don't need any extra code.

1. an open source agreement- just like OS x-darwin, the hole linux thing, open source is sweeping the world. even if it was just the PIO's object's supplied in an unlocked form to those ppl will to sign the agreement.

the agreement would then make the person who rewrites a script responible for there own work. the other benefit is that most agreements require reporting back to the community of developers.

Such agreements have shown ,in most examples, to speed up development and better targetting on the market.

2. something that maybe possible is that the engine of the script can be part of include file which can be encripted, while the interface or such (the parts most likely to need customization) can be in unlocked script.

i.e. less chance to break things.

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