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section line viewport

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Something new in 2024 the section lien viewport don't keep the class color 

The last time I use it , I found the the way , but today I can't 

I think I simply have to mask the new section style class , but no ...


I just want the same color in wireframe and in hidden line

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Hello @line-weight, Thank you !! You give me the way 
I'm going crazy ...

I did the test in good way ( i think) be cause i wasn't able to do what I want in my file I open a blank one, but with the same result 
I was at phone and teamviewer with french hotline , who has to investigate 

And now I 'm back from lunch have a look to the forum , test your answer, on a fresh new file and, it works ...


What have change is that I close vectorworks during lunch ...


I 'm no able to do the same in my file but when saving style (with class and layer by instance) and apply to the other file it works...


So I'm wrong somewhere But I don't no where .


Thank you !!! :)


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Edit : 
I'm not totally nuts 

If I open first my file and then open a blank file and section create section viewport, it doesn't work 

But it work If I apply the viewport Style I've saved 


if I start from crash it works , I think, (one more time) I ve settings from 2023 somewhere in my file, I ve to redo my start template because it si from 2023 but I need time :)
But it is strange that the settings apply on a blank file ...

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I think it's because you've got "display 2D components" turned on. So it is drawing the 2d component of the symbol rather than rendering directly from its 3d geometry.


To make it coloured you either need to turn off "display 2D components, or edit the symbol's 2d component so that it has the colours you want.

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