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Assigning Individual Data Tags to Multiple Objects


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I am experimenting with using data tags to apply codes to polygons/polylines, I have them set to increase incrementally so each object has a unique code. 


It works great, and feeds back into my record format which in turn is exported to an external software via shape files. However, I have to do this for dozens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of objects so would prefer for this process to be able to be slightly more automated. I have been trying to figure out how to assign a data tag to multiple objects but cannot get my data tags to apply to all selected objects. When I have my data tag tool active with my data tag style as the option I can only use the single eligible import option, I would like to be able to use the selected eligible objects mode so that I can select all relevant objects and then assign them a unique code through the data tag. 


Just want to know if it is possible to select multiple objects that are not symbols or VW native building objects like windows and doors, and assign a data tag to all of them?

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I did some digging into this issue over the Christmas period and have solved the problem I was having, I believe it was an issue with my data tag (I'm very new to both data tags and record formats) and not a VW bug, I started from scratch and on the second run everything worked as it should.


I can now select all relevant objects using a script, assign a record to each selection and batch fill all standardised field, then add a data tag to each objects which links into that record giving each object a unique ID code that can be exported as part of the shapefile that is then imported into our external software.


A few interesting things to note: I don't particularly want the unique ID to show on each object when I export it + don't want to confuse an external software with a complex object like the data tag, I found that if you delete the tag (can all be selected using the magic wand), the data in the record will remain. Also, if you have to re-run the process of assigning a unique ID (if there has been an update to the drawing) it will override the existing data in the record and renumber all objects.

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