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Create a surface bettwen two elipses (X,Y)

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Hello, I drew an ellipse on the Z plane and another one on the Y plane.
Final Objective: draw half a solid like an egg.

Z plane:


X plane


How do I cut the bottom part of my sketch to keep only the upper part along the line that looks like a triangle?

Then, how can I create a surface that connects the ellipse in Z with the 'half ellipse in X'?

I tried NURBS and LOFT surfaces but without success.


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I have some progress.

1- I use this ellipse:

2- Convert them to line

3- Delete some segments

4- At this time I try join the lines of the curve. Didn't work.
4.2- I used the NURBS Curve tool to draw a curve line with the points of the "old curve line"
5- On this view I use "Revolve with Rail"

The result is great:



The revolve was only applied to the blue line, I wanted to apply it to the Blue+Green line (see previous image).

However, I cannot bring these two lines together in any way.

I tried Join, but it didn't work, I tried Compose, but it didn't work either.
(I did this in Front view.)

The problem shouldn't be that the lines have coincident points, since I tried joining two lines outside of this example without success.


What is the tool to join two lines?
Can anyone help me?

And last one, this is a better and correct way to do this?


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9 hours ago, Cristiano Alves said:

What is the tool to join two lines?



I think it is not a Tool but a Command.

"Compose" from the menu.


9 hours ago, Cristiano Alves said:

5- On this view I use "Revolve with Rail"


Also thought about Revolve.

But did not answer as I was not sure if it would work

a) that way in general and

b) with ellipses



I thought about starting with circles and arcs or just by a globe

and using 3D Manipulation Tools.

Which in effect would just do a nonuniform scaling .... which may

look pretty similar - but not the same as elliptical.

And so far i assumed true Ellipses are mandatory.

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