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Soft Goods worksheet summary

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Hi Everyone,


I'm struggling with a worksheet summary, hope someone can help me out.


I use the soft goods tool to make different tupes of curtains in my drawing. I use styles to differentiate between the different types of curtains. When I make a worksheet of my drawing and change one of the colums to styles, I have an overview listing types of curtains and a drape count per type. The only downside is that it gives that per drawn length of curtain. For me the obvious next step was to summarize the styles column and count the drapes count column to get a drape count per style. Unfortunately here it goes sour, it doesn't generate what I want. 

Apparently it doesn't work the same way as the summarized count of symbols.

Has anyone ran in to the same issue and solved it?? I'm very interested in how to solve this.


thanks a million in advance,



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If  click on the disclosure triangle at the top of column A and check the Summarize Items check box then all the items with the same Function should collapse into a single subrow.


You them will probably need to click on the disclosure triangle on the other column and check the Sum Values button to get the cell to report the totals for the collapsed subrow.


But it is not going to work because the values in Columns C, D, and E are text and not numbers.  You are either going to need to look for a different field in the object that has the numeric version of the value or change what is in the column to a number using the =Value(whatever you had before).


But if you use the Value function, you will not be able to change the "number" in the worksheet and have the change propagate back to the object.

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Okay, that looks promising, and I can recreate this summary. The problem for me starts that I have different kinds of curtains, to distinguish between those, I made styles for each. So I would love to be able to summarize those styles combined with a drape count 🙂

I've attached a file with a couple of different curtains.

So I can do a summary with the three options VW has for soft goods (curtain, border, and pipe and drape), but not want I want to do.

Curtain Summary Test.vwx

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