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Rendering with windows, doors and extruded object VW2024



Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out why I can't get window components (sills, jambs, shutters, etc.), or extruded objects to render when I apply textures.


All I get are wireframe on those components. The glass in the windows seem to default to a transparent glass texture it seems, but when I apply textures to the window components they don't render. The door frames and sills seem to render exactly the texture I apply to them.


I can't get faces of extrudes to render either, just get wireframe. I've tried every render option I can find and nothing seems to work.


Windows 10, Nvidia RTX 1080, 32gb memory.


Thanks for any help.



ok, somehow extrudes rendered ok, created from scratch, and worked fine. So, hey I tried that with windows, 😞 darn that didn't work, still can't get window objects to render. 

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Got windows to render finally. Since I had started this file in VW2023, I think there might be a glitch when rendering those objects in 2024. I created a new window from scratch and it renders as expected, so then I used the eye drop pick up tool to copy the attributes from the new window I just created to the one’s already in the file that were created in 2023, all the components now render with proper texture I applied. Windows have had a few issues in initial release of 2024 that were fixed in the newest SP I just updated the other day, so maybe one more closer look at window objects for next update. 

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