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Symbol making and properties

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Hi everyone,


It's one of those days where I'm busy trying stuff I've never done before. I have a set of scaffclamps that I've drawn myself. If I put them in the drawing with the lighting device tool, they snap neatly to the truss (so they can be used with braceworks). The issue I'm left with is weight. Braceworks tells me the symbols have no weight. How do I add weight to the symbols, so braceworks can recognize that? Is that by attaching a record and filling in a weight in the record? If so, what record would I use for these clamps? Can I make my own record?


thanks in advance,



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You should investigate the Rigging loads tool and the subsequent point load object. You can add symbols to this giving you the load indicated along with the clamp geometry. 

The resulting object can be saved as a plug-in symbol which you can add to your library.



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You need to add a 2D component to the Symbol otherwise you will get the generic blue circle. YOu can turn the weight indicator off using classes.


Once you have a Point load object you are happy with, save it as a Symbol and ensure you have "Convert to Plug-in object" checked in the Create Symbol dialog. The result will be a Red symbol that you can use whenever you like.

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