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Worksheet issues

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Hi everyone,


Let me start out by saying i'm a huge fan of the new Inventory and Equipment List. But I'm struggling with the worksheet generated by it. And I doubt it's the worksheet, pretty sure this is classic operator error/ignorance. If I generate a worksheet from the I&E list, all parts are listed individually, and the summarize option on specific columns doesn't get me what I want. For Instance, I have a couple of different types of drapes created with the soft goods tool (use styles to differentiate between different types). In the worksheet it gives me the curtains per drawn length, and the drape count per drawn length. Now I would want to have all drapes of the same type in the same row, with the drape count of all of the same type. I've been struggling with this for the better part of a day now, and I'm clearly (hopefully) overlooking something. Can anyone help me out in understanding how to organise the worksheet?


Big thanks,





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