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Here goes my rant.....

I have a topic that I'm SURE no one else has ever discussed. No doubt this will be a new groundbreaking issue for the VW development team to tackle. Hatch. I dread having to create custom hatches within VW. It's a waste of time. In VW I'm forced to create unique hatches via the process of entering layer upon layer of co-ordinates, start points, dash factors and repeats. Most of the time it feels like I'm troubleshooting the hatch process even though I've used it dozens of times. It gives me AutoCad flashbacks. I've been using VW since v8 and I'm now using v10 and it seems as though giving us the plug-in tool that creates that bell tower thingy took presidence over an efficient and effective hatch creation tool. I'd appreciate it if you would take a poll to find out how many times the Campanile object has actually been used and how many people have thrown their monitor out the window while creating a hatch. I'm sure you'll find the results most intruiging.

I therefore officially add the following to the Wish List, crossing my fingers and toes that it will make at least the 10.5 release:

A re-vamped hatch creation tool using vector-based objects rather than lines.

Thank you for your time.

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The localized french and belgian versions have a menu that allows you to create automatically hatches from repetitive patterns. Easy : you catch one of the billion freeware acad patterns on the internet and build your own hatches in vw with this plug-in. I thnk there's this kind of tool on the vectordepot market.

Let's hope for an international full-featured vectorworks.


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I'll add this topic to the internal wish list, however I can't guarantee VW 10.5.

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