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DAS Audio Speaker Models

Tommy Frisch


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@JustinVH How does this typically work?

- Does Vectorworks ask manufacturers to provide the libraries?

- Do manufacturers provide Vectorworks with libraries as new products are released?

- Do users need to tell Vectorworks for content we want, and then Vectorworks creates the libraries?


My guess is that it's all of the above, but just curious what angle to approach this from for stuff I'm looking for. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@livespace josha It is a combination of all three depending on the relationship. The process starts in one of two ways with either a user requesting a specific manufacturer/content be added or a manufacturer directly reaching out to us through a trade show or our content partners email. If a user requests the content then Vectorworks reaches out to the manufacturer to get what is needed and the content is produced. If the manufacturer reaches out directly then they usually provide what is needed in the initial email conversation so in both cases we are provided the CAD/CAM files and data directly from the manufacturers. Once a company has established a good relationship with us then we can do yearly or semi-annual updates of new products, this happens a lot with lighting companies as there are always new models being made. We space those new releases out over the course of the year with our five Premium Library updates and that is how the users get new content.


Keep in mind though that there is just one developer for Spotlight and a lot of the planning for updates is planned about 3-4 months in advance so that we can gather what we need and make sure that it is not too heavy on one specific type of product group. This is why there will always be a mix of lighting instruments, truss, and either speaker, LED screens, or other Spotlight object with each release. I urge everyone to be patient because there are over 300 requests for new Spotlight content that I am trying to whittle down and put out as much as possible each release. This list constantly grows due to the fixture request form in the customer portal and this forum thread which I monitor daily and enter into our tracking system as well as the emails I receive weekly from manufacturers . We are listening and we are working so your content requests are not being ignored.


One more note as I know that this is probably a much longer answer than you were anticipating is that if a user files a request for new content using this thread it helps tremendously if they are able to provide us a reliable contact with the manufacturer. Having a contact that we know will reply to our emails and get us what is needed dramatically improves the turnaround because we know we will get accurate data in a timely manner. Sometimes getting the contact is the biggest hurdle as info@... email addresses often are ignored if you are not seeking to buy something.

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