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Some Renderworks 11 wishes



I've been running VWA10/RW thru the paces for a couple days now. Here's some things I'd really like to see in the future.

1. The ability to set a background image is great, could we expand this to be a background environment that would wrap 360 degrees around the viewer so the environment would show up in the reflections of the model. I usually fake this with some billboard behind the viewer, but you have to be careful with these because they can interfer with the lighting, particularly directional lights.

2.More shader options, including the ability to make an object into a lightsouce. (to make realistic flourescent tubes)

3. Perimeter mapping for nurbs

4. Cameras with OIP editable attributes.

5. Radiosity, I know its slow, but for interior renderings it hard to beat.

6. Distance blurr or also known as focal blurr. The fog is OK, but to be honest the fog can be easily done in Photoshop, one diappointment is that the ground fog dosent extend below the ground plan, so in one of my VW 9 models I translated, the low spots in the site didn't get any fog.

I have the say the solid modeling/NURBS tools are much more reliable and faster, so thank you NNA

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