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Resource Manager - Action Button - Pop up menu visibility issue



I'm looking for someone else to verify a bug I may stumbled upon in 2024 SP2. In the Resource Manager, whenever the window is on another display other than my primary VW window I cannot see the popup list of actions. 


Monitor 1 - Vectorworks drafting window etc


Monitor 2 - Resource Manager Window ( click "ACTION" button but nothing pops up )


**Move Resource Manager window to Monitor 1 and the ACTION popup will display as expected.


This action seems to track with whichever window VW is assigned to.


This is a fresh install of VW 24 SP2 on M1 Max MBP with OSX Sonoma 14..1.1


**Edit: This also includes the Right-Click feature for symbols and objects for me



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Other than being rotated 45 degrees that gear icon is called Settings almost everywhere else in VW.  Why not in the RM also?


In any case, with the RM on either my external monitor with VW or my MBP monitor  separate from VW in Sonoma 14.1.1 I have no issue accessing either the "Action" button or the right-click menu items.


@kdenham I recommend you open the VW Updater from the applications folder.  Click the Advanced Options on the right side and choose Repair.


Another possibility is to reset your preferences.  Open VW Preferences and click the Reset button at the bottom left.



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Troubleshooting Step I Would Try


1. Safe Boot and try with RM on separate monitor.  If this doesn't work, then it tells you it is a VW problem. If it does work, then it could be VW or something else.

2. Fresh boot and only VW running.  If this works then it is ilkely there is a conflict with another app. 

3. Check your "startup" apps.  System Settings: Users:Startup Items.  Is there anything there that could be interfering with VW?  Logitech drivers?

4. Run the VW Updater. Click the Advanced Options button at the right. Click Repair.

5. Reset Preferences.  Vectorworks Preferences. Reset button at bottom left.

6. Move or rename your User folder and restart VW.


I hope something here helps you isolate the problem.

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