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Viewports coming in at strange scale from DWG



I'm importing DWG drawings and I've verified that the information on the design layers is the correct size, so I have the units correct (mm), but the Sheet Layer Viewports are at a weird scale and don't fit correctly within the Sheet border.


For instance I end up with a Viewport which should be at 1:100 coming in as 1:96.280 instead.


Have a feeling I've come across this in the past but can't remember how I resolved it. It's quite a few files, with other objects on the Sheets involved, so I don't want to correct them manually if I can help it.

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52 minutes ago, Christiaan said:

Fortunately they're all incorrect by the same proportion (3.72%)


OK, if you had given a more useful number, I would have said that

it is maybe because ACAD Paper Spaces/Sheet Layers have their own Scale option.

So things that VW does not have may get lost in translation.


But scale by 0.9628 !?

Seems more like USD to EUR conversion .....


It feels like everything in ACAD has its own Scale.

PaperSpace, Viewports Annotation Layer, Annotations, Texts, ....


So much that I was not able to manually create a useful Sheet with a few Viewports

with everything in a same give Scale from scratch.

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You're definitely right that it's the page setup that matters. Changing page setup to Arch D before importing changed the Viewport scale, but now it's 1:87.927! 🤣


I'll see if I can reverse engineer it in the morning and create a custom page size to pull it in at the right scale. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Pat.

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