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Control over Keynote association when copying and pasting Callouts to a different layer



I'd like an option when copying and pasting a Callout for the first time in a file for a pop-up to ask:

Would you like this Callout to:

A. Remain associated with the Keynote it's currently associated to.
B. Associate to a Keynote on the layer being pasted to or generate a new Keynote if none currently exists.
[with a choice of existng Keynotes available on the current layer]

Remember my choice in this file.


If the user chooses option B and 'remember my choice', from that point onwards:

  1. Callouts will automatically be associated with a Keynote on the layer being pasted to if there is just one Keynote object.
  2. If there are multiple Keynotes on the layer being pasted to a popup would appear asking the user which Keynote they want the Callouts to be associated to.
  3. When copying and pasting a Callout on the same layer (i.e. without moving it to a separate layer) it would simply stay associated with its current Keynote.


I almost never use workflow A, which is the current default behaviour.


The only question is should this behaviour also be triggered when using the OIP to move Callouts from one layer to another. I think not in this case. They should just remain associated with their current Keynote by default. I wouldn't want popups appearing when moving objects between layers using the OIP. And I when I do keep Callouts and Keynotes on different layers the OIP is probably what I'd use. What do you think?

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