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legends best practice - graphic legends or worksheets?

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I'm experimenting with moving our planting schedule/legends from worksheets to graphic legends. I'm having an issue with the legend maintaining its size and the symbols aligning all on the center. What settings am I missing? Is it possible to manually adjust the list order? similar to how keynote numbering works?


Based on the attached screenshot (the right image) can graphic legends achieve this? and are they ideally supposed to replace worksheets for this level of data?

is there a way to connect the symbol with the correct lineweight and viewport setting into a worksheet?

I know there is the image function... but it appears broken with not an accurate line weight.


The current worksheet looks good. and is achieved by adding individual plant viewports and dragging them into place.. which becomes a tedious movement exercise prone to error whenever that sheet is updated.. I'm at a bit of a loss on how to speed up this documentation and looking for a few answers or recommendations on what is the best practice.


thanks in advance



Screenshot 2023-11-16 093029-VW.png

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I recently used graphic legends developing a kitchen project... worked very well for what I was looking for, the layout took a bit of fiddling

and it's hard to eliminate unnecessary white space as seen below the vertical size of each cell is keyed to the cabinet that's' tallest...

and the layout for the others isn't ideal. Does anyone know a workaround?

But I'm really liking the convenience..Screenshot2023-11-16at10_25_07AM.thumb.png.cb96576c0afad83220121da33ded01ed.png

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