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Data Tags on Schematic view


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I've been advised  in other forums to use data tags to label my fixtures in schematic view for a side lighting position.  I select a fixture in schematic view then select Tools > Create Data Set...  I am given a VERY limited data set to choose tags from and non of them appear to have nothing that does with lighting.  Now if I select a fixture in the 3d view of my boom, I get all of the data points usually found in the OIP when a fixture is selected.  Problem is, I don't want tags in the 3d view...only the schematic view.  What am I missing!!!?







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Thanks for your response Jesse.  So the regular lighting devices tag great but when they are all in top view they are mush together and I don't really need those tagged.  I need the schematic version tagged.  The problem is that VW doesn't allow me to use the right data set.  See above.Screenshot2023-11-16at10_21_36AM.thumb.png.f17d5035b2c291485ff195fd865fd9ca.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

did you apply the tag to the original light on the design layer or in the schematic view?

Tags will maintain the original orientation based on the view they are first inserted in,

so create the tag from the lighting device, then delete it in the design layer and reapply it using the data tag tool on the schematic light.

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