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Symbol Editing Issue




I just transitioned to 2024. Here is my latest question for the group: 


When I attempt to edit a symbol and choose a render view other than wireframe, the shape disappears.  See 2 screen shots of the same condition, the only change is that I have selected "Shaded" rather than "Wireframe" view.  This was something I did regularly in 2023 so I know it's possible.


Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?







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Development in the symbol editing issue:  Looks like I can "select" the shape but nothing is visible in the selected area. However, the shape is visible in some off-set space. 


This seems directly related to the above- hopefully it helps explain what I've done wrong?



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Unified View has been an interesting aggravation since it was introduced.


The way it looks - Unified View is Auto Align Layer View -

     Align Layer View - a command that was/is in VW


The Unified View default settings are the caused many issues -

          Ignore Layers with Different Scales especially. Why VW chose to set them this way is ?

              Thousands of drawings with Design Layers at Different Scales that output together.

Likewise drawings with Screen Objects on Multiple layers.

     ¿ ...Reference images in a Drawing as Layer Plane ? - Or a Worksheet that counts parts ...  as a Layer Plane item ?


A common design may be one or two Design Layers (different scales) with Multiple Saved Views - Publish the Saved Views for client presentation. How would one implement Unified View for such a workflow ?


This is a partial list of issues with Unified View we have encountered:

   Missing Geometry when Editing (Groups or Symbols ?) - see attached

   Geometry that has moves visually when Editing (Groups or Symbols ?)

        ie: Selection indicated  geometry is in one place - actual object is in another

   Parts of Geometry (¿ Symbols ?) that disappear when Rendered (Open GL ?)

   Invisible Geometry (Open GL Rendering ?), that reappears when rotated with the Flyover Tool, then disappears again.

   Geometry that can not be selected or only selected with Select All

   Geometry that is Indicated in the OIP - Not visible in on the drawing - (Typically Group or Symbol ?)

   Text that is missing from a newly opened drawing (¿ Design Layer ViewPorts / Link Layer Views ?)

   Text in Callouts that disappears when moved / edit (¿ Delete Callout and Start Over ?)

   Text that is missing when switching Saved Views


a temporary solution is to turn Unified View , off, if it is on - or on, if it is off.


VW 2019 (?) - 2023 (on different Macs)



Unified View Defaults_1.pdf Unified View Issue Nov 20th.pdf

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