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viewer for old documents

marc wittwer


hi nna,

i think it would be a really great feature, if you can make a viewer for mc5 oder older documents. a viewer like the vw9 viewer. without serialnumber, without a lot of functions. i think it must be only necessary to save under a new name (and a new version tongue.gif" border="0 ).what do you think? is that possible for vw10?perhaps you can take the mc7 oder vw8 and make from this version a viewer. wink.gif" border="0

greetins from switzerland, marc

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I have requested a true viewer for MiniCad / VectorWorks for years. I was so disapointed when the VectorWorks viewer came out and it would only open the current version. I have spoken with Dan Monaghan (Marketing Director)Nemetschek concerning this. I have also put him in touch with Cimmetry Systems who makes a viewer that seems to open everything except .mcd files (See: www.cimmetry.com). I was disheartened when I saw a post from Technical Support stating that it was a Marketing decision to only support the latest version of the program with their viewer. frown.gif" border="0

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When I "Dead File" a job, I make a .pdf copy of it and put it in my archive folder. On the Mac, I have that folder as an alias in my Apple Menu. If I need to look at an old job, I simply go to the Apple Menu and pull up that job in Acrobat. I can read it, print it and email it. And I do not run the risk of accidentally altering the original by opening it in Vectorworks or Minicad.

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