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Separate Move / Copy commands...

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1 hour ago, jason schneider said:

Even after three years, this is still irritating. How hard would it be to have a separate "move" command? The existing move/copy command doesn't even need to change - just a separate move command. Or am I just screaming into the void?


That's better... I feel better. Thanks!

If this helps, I usually just set my Move settings to "move and duplicate mode" with 1 duplication.  Then to copy, I have gotten used to just holding the option button (Mac).

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How is it, after three years, I'm just discovering he Move menu command. 😂 Thanks for the clue, Pat. 


This is a hangover from Autocad / Microstation / Powercadd experience where these are two separate and distinct commands. The VW Move command (from the menu) is fine, but my expectation on day one of VW was that you'd initiate the move hotkey ("M" or whatever), select a point, and then either select a second point or input distance and direction at the cursor; exactly how the "Move by points" tool works. It's having to select the Move or Copy mode after the command is initiated that feels counter intuitive. 


If I could wave a magic wand, I would separate the commands into two: "Move by points" and "Copy by points," which I'm sure would be incredibly contentious, especially with the VW lifer's out there. 


I appreciate the discussion, everybody. Cheers!

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7 minutes ago, jason schneider said:

This is a hangover from Microstation experience where these are two separate and distinct commands.


Same here.

When I first tested VW I was not able to move or copy anything in a controlled way 🙂


9 minutes ago, jason schneider said:

I would separate the commands into two: "Move by points" and "Copy by points,"


I also wished for that often in the past.

Move by Points Tool was reworked some time ago and got much better than it was.

For me it is also not yet really there but I can live with it.


Opposed to Microstation where I would relocate objects exactly to a wanted position

in one go, in VW I will rather copy in X, move in Y, move in Z .....

Or create a helper Cube, move to final position - just to have an autoplane underlay

for the rotation tool and such things.

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At least in VW2024 (Did not check back to 2023 or earlier), the Move By Points can pretty much do both in the second mode as long as the Number of Duplicates is set to 1.


Use the tool with no keys down and it functions as a Move.  Hold down the Option key and it retains the Original Object thereby functioning as a Copy.



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@jason schneider


Easy suggestion - Move By Points (Shift-M) set to the first Option Move Mode


Move By Points 

If you click on your selected object, you are holding on to it and this allows a zoom / pan to a remote location click to place it


Click twice any where in the drawing (From / to Locations) and the selected object is moved by that amount / directon



Copy (Duplicate) By Points

Now hold the Option Key and the above process will keep the original object in its original location and place a copy



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