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Coordinate Marker


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Really having trouble wrapping my head around this as I'm certain I need either to learn the marionette, Python or plug-ins really deeply, but don't want to go all the way into one only to find I should've used another.

I'm hoping to create a data tag, or maybe even a symbol, that looks as follows:


This is the closets I've been able to get, but the coordinates are from the wrong end of the leader line. I'd like the tag to be able to read the coordinates of the marker. I'm okay if the weight is manual entry.

What would be nice is if all of this lived in one symbol, rather than place the symbol and the have to add a tag later. The Hoist tool has this functionality with the measurement label, and that label can even be moved independently of the hoist. Anyone have any direction on this?

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I don't think you're going to be able to use a Data Tag to mark coordinates in space like that because a Data Tag wants to return the coordinates of a tagged object... e.g. here are a couple of tags returning the coordinates of a yellow circle:






When you place these tags in blank space in Label Mode I don't really understand where they get their coordinates from - it seems a bit random.


I don't think there's a way to combine the setout point graphic + the leader in a tag hence I'm showing one or the other.


Alternatively there is the Stake Tool which you can place anywhere but you can't add the weight field + you have limited control over the graphics:




Hopefully someone else has some better ideas!


Like you say perhaps what's needed is a script whereby you place a setout point symbol + it's tagged automatically + simultaneously... So in effect it would be like the Stake Tool but you'd have control over the graphics + be able to add extra fields.

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Using what what shown in Klvanov's video above got a good result, and I added a record to the marker for the weight. Next steps are making the text justify to the leader line shoulder regardless of whether the tag is on the left or the right and (this is where I may need additional help) to see if I can have different origins to reference. In the case of a space, like a performing arts venue with a theater and a blackbox, each would have their own origins, even though they may be in the same file.


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