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Truss and Hanging Position: Missing OIP fields in worksheets?

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Working on a pretty complex truss "ceiling" with lots of trusses and hanging positions in various rotations and angles. 


Rather than try to adjust each hang in the DL, I'm trying to create a worksheet that lets me do it via data entry. Running into a few OIP fields that don't show up as options to enter into my worksheet.


So far, I'm missing:

Roll (not really necessary, but just an observation)

Hanging angle


Hinge angle


Related: I can't edit the ZCoordinate of a hanging position via a worksheet?


I've asked similar questions in the past, and somebody always helps out with a formula or line of text to add into the worksheet. Is there a master list of these somewhere for me to reference? 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

=XROTATION(), =YROTATION(), and =YROTATION() get you the Roll, Hanging, and Rotation, but they are Read Only Functions.
='TrussItem'.'HingeAngle' returns the Hinge Angle, but edits from the worksheet likely won't take. 

The main issue with attempting to edit the fields you mention in a worksheet is disconnecting objects from each other.


As for a master list, are you familiar with https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference
You'll find a huge amount of resources there.
This collection of forums will be helpful as well. Many scripting developers discuss how to create tools to manipulate VW objects. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/4-customization/

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Thanks @Scott C. Parker


On the topic of truss rotation... The center of "roll" is not in the center of truss.


Screen grab below. 4 generic trusses pulled out of the stock Vectorworks library. Even though my Y value didn't change on any of these, the truss is moved 1/2 its width in the -y direction.


My thinking is that if I "roll" a piece of truss, the physical location doesn't change, just its orientation. 






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My 2 cents, roll should be from the center of truss not from insertion point. Sometimes when inserting trusses, one piece turns somehow to wrong orientation on truss line. To correct this you can not just input correct roll angle because that "throws" that piece out of that truss line. To correct wrong roll you have to fight system to snap to correct roll.

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100% agree, AND the Z-elevation should also not change. The only thing that should change is it's orientation along it's centerline. 


I think this is a fine line between "technically" and "logically" correct. 


I think the way this works now is "technically" correct in terms of geometry and a 3d modeling workflow. But "logically", when I roll a piece of truss...I'll pick it up, rotate it 90° along its centerline, then put it right back on the floor where I grabbed it from.



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