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Please allow linked DTag (for use in data viz) in all/selected eligible mode



Hi there,


I am using more and more data tags to display information from plug-in objects (trusses, hoists, lights...).

Therefore ALL or SELECTED eligible mode is the one I use - because I want to tag hundreds of items with one click.

F.e. a custom hoist tag or a tag for truss length etc. But this is the same for any tag or any plug-in object.


I color this tags with data visualization depending on their tagged information or I use them in marionette.

To be able to do this you have to set a "link to data source" (a record) inside the tag field and attach this record to the tag itself. Then the information from the tag field is not only displayed in the tag - it is also written into the record field. And this record field is used within data viz, marionette and so on...

The record must not be used for the objects you are tagging.


No comes the problem:

With a record attached to the tag but not to the object ALL or SELECTED eligible mode is not possible



Why is this the case?


For making it short I quote @Nikolay Zhelyazkov who was really helpful about this topic:


Now to the big one: why does the data tag tool ignores objects without records that are actually attached to the data tag in the All/Selected Eligible objects modes? Well the reason is simple, usually in Single Eligible Object mode you are asked if you want to attach the record to the object or you want to use the one from the Tag. However, when you do this for more objects we have to either show the dialog for each conflict, or once and for all or something else. In order to avoid unintended consequences it was decided to not allow these modes to attach records as the attaching might be left hidden from the user.


I can understand why the modes aren't allowed, but for my work there is actually no other way around and I think I am not the only one. So what could be a solution?

I don't know if this is possible, but maybe this could be one:


Only in the ALL or SELECTED mode:

If it is detected, that a record is required at the objects for the tag to work

1. display the dialog as you get in SINGLE or LABEL mode

2. but don't give the option to "don't show this dialog again. Always do the selected action." for the dialog.

3. display the dialog with every use of the tool only once - not for every conflict it goes through

4. For every conflict do the same choice like you decided in the dialog



+ nothing will change for the currently working modes

+ ALL/SELECTED will work for this scenario



- no possibility to hide the dialog completely

- different choices within a tagging is not possible -> select the ones you want to have the same choice and run SELECTED mode.


If you also want to have this to work please vote this up!




Setting up the data link:


The error message you are given in ALL/SELECTED mode:




The dialog you get in SINGLE eligible mode:



Original thread with more background information :


How to set up a data tag for use in data visualization:


Thank you @Tom W. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov for helping me out


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