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Elliptical arcs

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I know I can create an ellipse and trim away the unnecessary segment, but this distorts the curve when turning it into a polyline and especially flattens the ends, and then when I sweep the arc and turn it into a solid surface, it doesn't come to the proper curve at the end.

Seems like directly drawing an elliptical arc would solve this and make the extra trim steps unnecessary.

Example of squashed end of ellipsoid available on request.


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Thanks for the suggestion. Took a while to find it, even with your mention that it's there. It's better than the way I was doing it, so again thanks, but still more steps than is efficient. Elliptical tools are the one (and only) area in which I favor DenebaCAD. Should really be able to drag an ellipse or elliptical arc from a center point. It's not hard at all (at least compared to most of the things I ask for smile.gif" border="0 ) and the VW interface would easily handle it with just another option on the tool bar.

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Hi Petri,I have a question about your previous remark:

<< Just remember: VW ovals are not true ellipses. >>

Would you please explain what you mean? To the best of my ability to determine the shape, the OVAL (full, not arc segment) seems to conform quite well to a mathematically generated ellipse.


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