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Top/Plan shortcut should take us to Rotated Top/Plan before Top/Plan



The Top/Plan keyboard shortcut (CMD-5 on macOS) should take us first to Rotated Top/Plan view (if Plan Rotation is currently active), with a second tap required to go to Top/Plan view.


This would match the behaviour of the zero key on the numeric keyboard, providing the same behaviour on the lefthand side of the keyboard.



My favourite way to set up projects is to orient everything to real-world coordinates so that you never have to rotate anything when referencing files or copying and pasting across files. It saves time for those working on the project and avoids placement errors.


But there have been a few sources of friction that make this way of working a bit tedious. Some of those things are bugs, some of which have gone away (e.g. editing a Space used to unrotate the plan), some which haven't gone away (e.g. Interior Elevations get distributed very badly on Sheet Layers) but the biggest source of friction is that Top/Plan command unrotates the view.


This is an alternative solution to the same problem identified here:





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9 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

Now conditional command logic is going to be in the app, can we have a few others?

Like Project sharing commands:-

Save vs Save and Commit 

Close vs Close and Release

Good idea. And VW includes conditional command logic now. The zero key on the numeric pad already works this way for rotated plan views.

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