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screen display tips missing in V24

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There is not supposed to be a way to turn them off.


One suggestion is to got to Vectorworks Preferences and choose the Reset button in the bottom left. This will reset all of the preference to the defaults and you will have to reset them to what you like, but perhaps it will bring your tool tips back.


I would couple that with a restart of VW and the computer.



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The next four steps I would try are:


1. Run the Vectorworks Updater. Click the Advanced button on the right and choose the Repair option. See if this fixes it.

2. Move or rename your User Folder and restart VW.  A new user folder will be created. See if running with the new user folder fixes is. If not, then delete the new users folder and restore your old one.

3. Boot into Safe Mode (Not sure what the Win equivalent is) and see if VW runs properly there. If it does, then it is likely that there is something else on your system that is interfering.

4. Uninstall and reinstall VW.


Good Luck.

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