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Hatches (again!)



I have never been happy using the hatch command; the more common architectural ones such as "concrete" and "earth" come in way to big.

As a work-around I place the hatch, select it then scale it by 1/2 - this is visually better for me. I'm sure there are other ways to do this and I would appreciate input here. I would love it if in the hatch scale set up box there was a simple imput to scale the hatch up or down similar to autocad. the hatch scale feature is complicated to the poinbt of being unusable.

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If you edit the hatch thru the Resource Palette (select it and click on edit), there is a buttong that says SCALE. If you click on that you can scale the hatch up or down. It also alows you to select if you want to only scale one layer of the hatch or all the layers of the hatch.

This allows you to change it for the entire drawing. You don't have to scale each instance of the hatch.

Pretty nice, huh?

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Fred;I am in that VW 8 & VW9 transition. I use both and use the same plotter and driver as before. HP 455CA plotter with HP RIP. I use both versions with OS 9.2.

Even if I go to OS 10, it is my understanding that I can send the file to another computer running OS 9.2. I do that now anyway, (both on OS 9.2), so that I can work on one computer while the other runs the RIP and spools to the plotter.

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