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Wall Insert Symbols- Changing the Design Layer





I'm wondering if there is a way to change the design layer a wall inserted symbol is on. I've inserted switch symbols into the walls and they have automatically taken on the design layer that the wall is on (1st floor layout). The option to change the layer the symbol is on is greyed out. I would like to leave the symbol inserted into the wall but for it to be located on the ceiling design layer/RCP rather than the floor layout layer. Is this possible? 


Thank you in advance!

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On 11/3/2023 at 10:28 PM, Tom W. said:

Or... do the switch symbols need to be inserted in the Wall?


.....as Tom says. I've always placed on the cable circuit layer. Generally I will show the circuit with the wall layer greyed below for reference.


I assume you're placing your symbols on the same layer as your wall for some grouping, referencing or dimensional/distance reason? I'm also assuming your symbols are generally showing on the face of the wall. If they are more complicated symbols with back boxes or trunking etc. you will need to practice the below options to suit your workflow.

  • You can place them on another layer whilst viewing the wall(s) layer below and choosing to 'show others' or 'show/snap others' in the layers options. This won't trigger the wall for the insert function. As a result, you will loose the automated symbol turning to face the room - you can adjust 'manually' as required.
  • You can stay on the wall layer, place the symbol off from the wall and drag to snap to the wall edge. As long as you only snap to the wall edge rather than over shooting to the body of the wall (you'll tell - as the wall itself highlights the insert function is taking place). You should practice that and you'll see there a difference. As above, you'll have to adjust the symbol to face the room. After that you'll be ok to select your chosen layer as the symbol is not associated with the wall (as the layer choice is not now greyed)
  • If you have symbols that you never want to be inserted into walls, choose the symbol(s) in the Resource Manager, right click 'Edit Symbol Options...' and uncheck 'Insert In Walls'. If you need to keep your options open, duplicate the symbol and rename adding NO INSERT or something reasonably obvious.


Hope that helps.

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5 minutes ago, Gadzooks said:

I assume you're placing your symbols on the same layer as your wall for some grouping, referencing or dimensional/distance reason?


I think the advantage is that if you move a Wall the symbol moves with it or if you change the Wall build-up + it becomes thicker or thinner the symbol stays on the edge. I tend to add the electrical layout right at the end of the modelling process so for me the benefit of having the wiring devices on a separate layer outweighs the benefits of having them inserted in the Walls.

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Yes agree Tom. Overall there are clear benefits to taking advantage of the insert function. It’s simple and it provides flexibility in the design changes, but as you, the last thing I want to do when a scheme is in the ‘what if that wall was here?’ part of a project is to fuss around with where switches and outlets etc are going to be (possibly for specific studio equipment?). The client would think you’re mad to be asking for preferences. 

Prob be best if @Bryanag could let us know in a bit more detail why symbols need to be placed on the walls layer and then moved. 

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