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Referencing symbols from workgroup / favourites in resource browser

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Hi, I'm trying to work out if there is a way to activate a red / blue symbol from the resource browser by mapping a command / script to a stream deck button.


I wondered if scripting would be the answer, but I can't seem to find if there is a link / reference given to items in a resource browser in a workgroup or favourite file.


The dream is to be able to use a stream deck to select red symbols / tools and preset object info via a single button press instead of manually selecting and entering the information each and every time you want to use a tool.


A good example is the deck tool in spotlight. I constantly draw stages with different sized decks with different heights. Or constantly having to swap between different length truss / spacers / corners while drawing overhead rigging. Instead of using drop down menus just being able to select objects using a single button press.


Any advice would be amazing!





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I think I've found my answer in another thread - not the same question but if I read it correctly it did explain that currently there is no way to choose a symbol from the resource browser and activate it.


Thank you @Pat Stanford for your help...even though it wasn't aimed at this post!


I'm really hoping there is a way around this. I need to learn more obviously but I don't need to automatically populate a drawing, just speed us the time it takes to swap between symbols and re enter different object info. If I can create a resourcelist for the symbols, would that allow me select a symbol from that list I wonder? 



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