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P Retondo

2D/3D interface improvement


To put it simply: I want to be able to translate and rotate an extrude (and any other 2D-based solid)using both the 3D space and 2D edit space, interchangeably. So, if I move an extrude 2 inches to the right, or I move the 2D object in its edit space 2 inches to the right, the results are identical IN BOTH SPACES. This functionality should work whether the appropriate working plane is the x,y plane or some other plane.

Try this: draw two rectangles. Extrude rectangle 1. Copy rectangle 2. "Enter" (edit) the extrude, and "paste in place" rectangle 2. Note the relationships. Go back out of editing.

Now move the extrude. Enter (edit) the extrude. Again "paste in place" rectangle 2. Note that the rectangle in the 2D edit space DID NOT MOVE with the extrude.

Now try the same thing with a roof plane and a rectangle. When you move the roof, the polygon in the 2D edit space MOVES WITH THE 3D OBJECT!

This is what we want with all 3D objects. The 2D object you see when editing should move along with the 3D object. We want to move back and forth between the working plane and the extrude edit space.

When the 3D object is rotated with respect to the Z axis, the 2D object should be located so that when you establish a rotated working plane aligned with the new 3D position, the location of the 2D object in edit space aligns with the i,j coordinates of the 3D object.

Sound arcane? The 2D/3D interface is one of VW's best features. It has the power to make modifying 3D objects easy because you can correlate positions so easily in the 2D working plane - but for the one problem illustrated in example 1 above! As a result of the current program behavior, if I want to maintain a relationship between an object's 2D edit space and the rest of the drawing, I have to make all 3D object translations and rotations by entering the edit space and moving the 2D object. I want to be able to simply move the 3D object to accomplish that.

Any questions?

[ 08-20-2002: Message edited by: P Retondo ]

[ 08-20-2002: Message edited by: P Retondo ]

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