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Truss square below two mother trusses

Stefan B.

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I try to connect a square of trusses below to the trusses above, as the trusses above should lift the square from the roof. The truss cross does not seem to work, it does something but it just alters the vertical distance between them, and no "FLEX" appears and a calculation gives a "not supported" warning. So I tried using drops, with only bridle parts, as there will be no motor between just slings and shackles. I was able to connect two supports but when I tried to connect the third one, I got the error message that the system I want to move(I don't really want to move it but anyways), is already connected and those will be deleted.


I tried once more with just one drop connected and tried connecting the truss square on the other side, and that gave the same error. As illustrated below.


What is the correct method to connect a structure like this?






So, I found a solution to make this work for braceworks, and being able to add truss crosses and FLEX. I moved the supporting trusses so they did not go in parallel directly above the square below but to cross the perpendicular trusses instead. This made is possible to add a FLEX connection. But in reality, I might need or have to have the supporting truss parallel to the truss below and still support it.

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