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Wall tool considerably slower in 2024





Has anyone else noticed how slow the wall tool has been in 2024 ?


In 2023 I use to be able to click (start), double click (finish) and then, because I have many many separated walls in my daily projects, click (start) again.


In 2024, it's to click (start), wait 1 second, double click (finish). I'm not exaggerating the time here.


I know that I can start a new wall without waiting for the previous one to appear, but that's very deceiving.

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I haven't seen any lag using walls.  


Just tried an experiment drawing 200 styled walls with components the way @WhoCanDo described.  I could not click faster than the walls appeared.


The only lag I ever see with walls is the very first door and the very first window in the drawing take a second.  All the doors and windows after that are instant.


In 2023 I used to see a lag when using the @Matt Panzer ™ board and batt method on walls.  I haven't had a project in 2024 yet using that technique.

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I believe that I may have limited the method I used.


The wall tool allows the user to click to start and then click the next point and then move to the next point and click, etc. ( as per left picture below )


The method I require for individual wall sections is click to start and then click to finish. Next wall click to start and click to finish. ( per right picture )


You are right @michaelk, there was not lag in the wall tool for 2023 ( as attached ).







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Not that I am aware of.


We have used the same wall setup for 30yrs now.


In 2022 or 2023 combined the round wall and straight wall into one tool with combined options. That's when the radius tool lost it when dimensioning the round wall. ( a different issue that I've been waiting to be fixed since August. )


2024 is when the slowness appeared. All my hardware is the same for the last 2 or 3 yrs.



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I have opened the file that I posted, and I am still getting delays as per my video.


I have created a new wall using all the defaults, and still get the delays.


I may have to contact my local support to fix it then.


If they come up with a solution, I will post it here for all other users with the problem.


Thanks all.

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Here's something interesting.


I have been using my computer at work for the above posts.


I also have my laptop for when I work from home.


Both have the same delay issue. Exactly as explained previously.


My work computer is Windows 10 and my laptop is Windows 11.


Are you all using Mac's ?

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So, from all of your responses to my question of Mac's, it looks like your all using Mac's and the problem only occurs in Windows.


I've also turned on "Account Settings/Signature/View Signatures" and now I can see you are all Mac users.


I'll keep this post live until someone can test this problem on a Windows PC with VW2024 to prove the theory.

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