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architecture items


I wish VW Architect would do the following:

1. Ability to use hatch patterns on walls in 3D2. Have dimensions auto update as walls are moved3. Ability for a menu or options at design time, to draw gable end returns of various types.4. Ability to have menu or options at design time to draw corner boards as well as fascia and shadow.5. Auto creation of such items when doing cross sections after doing a 3d section cut.6. ability to store notes so as to reuse them later7. shortcut keys to rendering menu8. interior mouldings objects or symbols. Crown moulding, chair rail, base, etc., with ability to place at any given height in a room or per wall.9. when drawing ext. decks, options for auto placement of decking with spaceing between decking,color and texture choices.10. a book or how to's on VectorScript besides whats at Web Site. How to choose walls to apply trim. How to choose roof fascia edge to draw fascia, etc.thanks,rl

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I can comment on the following -

1. Ability to use hatch patterns on walls in 3D

Hatches are only in 2d. If you want to give an object a 3d "hatch" or "pattern" you would have to use a texture. If you do not like the textures we have, you can create your own. Another alternative is to create a square with a hatch pattern that you like. Export that to an image file. Then create a new texture based on that image of the hatch pattern and apply it to the 3d object.

6. ability to store notes so as to reuse them later

The keynotes database does this. It creates your notes in a database and can be set up on a server so that you and the rest of your group can use them.

7. shortcut keys to rendering menu

You can assign the shortcut keys thru the workspace editory. Reference the appendix of the VW manual on how to do this.

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Thanks for your response to my wish list.

Is it possible to use existing hatch patterns and save them as an image to use them as textures as you suggest? You have so many needed hatches that would be of great help to use on floors, walls, roofs, etc. Why do users have to reinvent the wheel?

I have not yet tried the notes database so I must apologize.

I have had no luck in trying to assign shortcut keys for the rendering options even by following the manual. How do you get the keys to assign with the cntrl or shift or alt keys?


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to assign shortcuts, in the bottom of the wrokspace editor window there is an option at the bottom of the window to change whether you want the command to operate when you press the key, key +shft, etc. In the right window, click on the command you want to give a shortcut. Select the shortcut letter (ex: g). If this is already being used, select cmd+key, or one of the other options, at the bottom, then retype the shortcut.

I hope this helps.

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