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What I found out with new VW users is that at first they are confused about sheets, in particular with regard on knowing on which sheet they are at the moment. It would be a useful feedback (and a cool looking feature) to have a nice display on the top bar stating the name of the current sheet (if any). And many little names on which you click and switch sheet.

In fact pushing the concept, proper locations are psychological related:Something as important as sheets, shouldn't be accessed thru a hidden small button down below.The classes pull down menu shouldn't be so close or so identical to the layers pull down menu. I think that location and look is at the origin of the confusion for new user on what?s the difference between classes and layers. They are tempted to put object on layers and/or on classes ( as opposed to assigned them to classes).

One last suggestion on sheets: you are working on a specific sheet. You turn on a class or create a new one or layers etc. A little button by the sheet title would allow the user to save the sheet (not save as, but to save the actual sheet with the latest configuration). The save with the same name to replace it, is not the most elegant way to do that.

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Under 8.5.2, the Save Sheet command also appears under the Page menu item, and your saved sheets can be found under menu item Windows/Script Palettes/Saved Sheets. These commands can be used with the scroll bars hidden. (No Edit Sheets, however).

Do these menu items, or their equivalents, no longer exist in version 9.x?

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I holeheartedly agree, that the layout of classes, layers, and sheets only serves to perpetuate the confusion about these items. Sheets are so essential to the file structure, yet their placement makes one think that they're not supposed to be used. I would love to see a sheets menu where the order of sheets can be organized; a save current button, that allows you to save the current look without having to retype the name; a window of layer/class/sheet stats that allows the user to know which classes are on what layers, what layers are on what sheets, etc. If these features were in the program people would be encouraged to make more structured and effecient files.

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So I'm not the only one who thinks the sheets should be more accessible. There should be a default keyboard shortcut to pop-up the sheet menu. Using the pull down menus is just as laborious as the existing menu. Regardless, the current sheet should be located on the tool bar somewhere. Most programs place information like this in the lower left hand corner. And please don't tell us that since it is in the title block you should be able to see where you are. Sometimes title blocks get blown away..

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