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A simple table

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I'm trying to build a table that I draw in Sketchup in past.
But is not easy to get the same result.

This is the model in 3D (wireframe)




I draw a rectangle, after that I draw some inside lines, apply a fillet and finally extrude this 2D sketch.


However, when I watched the 3D model with Shaded Mode, this is what happened:
(The model is not filled, it just has a "shell")


Okay, I changed the approach. And use just lines to build the initial sketch.


Apply the fillet and extrude.

This is what happens on the conors:

I know 3D modelling on other softwares, this is a simple thing to do;  What do I miss? 😕

Do you recommend any link/course/tutorials that I can learn this simple thing? 
Build models, apply textures, render models fast?

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To extrude this properly it has to be a closed polyline. The second image from your first approach shows that you’ve got a fill pattern inside the ‘legs’ of the table, indicating that you do not have a single closed polyline. The lines on the inside of the table are just that —  lines — they’re not part of the polyline object.  

Select all of the objects and run the Compose command on them. With the object selected, look at the OIP and if done properly it should tell you that you have one polyline selected and it should also say that it is closed.


Once you have a closed polyline, apply the solid fill and Extrude.


Vw2024 Help: Composing Objects and Surfaces


Have you explored the variety of training videos available at Vectorworks University? There are many videos in the ‘Modeling’ category. A particular one is titled How to Apply 3D Modeling for Beginners. Might be helpful in getting started.

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I tried this shoot, to solve this "individual" lines with Join, but didn't work.

Compose works for me, thank you so much.


14 minutes ago, rDesign said:

Select all of the objects and run the Compose command on them. With the object selected, look at the OIP and if done properly it should tell you that you have one polyline selected and it should also say that it is closed.

When I try solutions I found the Inset Fill, and I think this works too.
What is the difference between Compose / Insert Fill?

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I think what a typical VW user would do would be :


- Draw the larger (bounding box) Rectangle

- draw the smaller Rectangle (for the void) on top of it

- select both > Clip Surface

- void Rectangle stays selected > delete


This is your base 2D geometry


Now either in 2D Mode :


- setup and use (2D) Fillet Tool to round those 4 corners

- Extrude

- 3D Rotate for correct orientation


Or the 3D way :

(which saves modeling history)


- directly Extrude that Polygon

- (3D) Fillet Edge Tool for these 4 corners. 




Usually for Extrudes in VW it is better to do as much features in 2D as possible

before extruding. As most 2D tools are superior than 3D Tools and for roundings

it may be more reliable when further editing.


On the other hand,

the 3D Tools have a history for later changes.

So a full 3D approach would be :

- draw top view bounding Rectangle, directly extrude to bench height

- either copy that cube for void Cube and PushPull or .... or ... to adapt dimensions

- do a Solid Subtraction

- Fillet Edge Tool for these 4 corners.


This way you can always do changes later by double clicking the bench and

enter or navigate between different features.

Like the Solid Subtraction, editing base or cutting cube, adapting features like

Fillets (which is a relatively new 3D comfort feature), and so on.


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And now I have this point I have this:



But when I watch this in front to move the object, I have these "blue squares" (like on "edit Mode"), if I change these squares I change my model, and don't move the object.
How I transform this into a "solid"?





On Top/Plan (2D Plan)
I tried "painting" the model on "Attributes", and changing the Fill colour, but just the "pen" is applied.
But the black colour on Fill colour is applied on Shaded Render Mode:


How I can Paint the table on Top/Plan (2D Plan)?

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To change the Extrusion you have to click twice on the object and modify with the reshape tool the source polyline which has generate the extrusion. To see a solid hatch in 2D top/plan you need to convert the solid into autohybrid from AEC menu.

Ps: (just a suggestion from an architect point of view: the internal fillet is the same of the external one, should be the offset of the external one,  probably if i would create a polyline first, pass to filleting, then make the offset, and in the end combine into a one polyline)


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