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Attaching Data to hybrid symbols

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I've been researching this and spinning my wheels for a few days, and haven't arrived at a clear answer yet, so here goes...


I've created a hybrid symbol of a piece or equipment. What's the preferred updated workflow of attaching variable and non variable data to it?


Non variable data would be linked/attached with the symbol definition, and would indicate model #, electrical usage, fuel usage, & ect...


Variable usage would be linked/attached to the instance of the symbol definition as it is placed in the BIM model, indicating unit number, location, and so forth.


They'll be coffee roasters BTW.....



Rudy Beuc





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Once it is placed, the symbol instance has its own version of any record that was attached to the symbol definition.  These records are not in any way linked.


So if you change the defaults on the symbol definition, those changes are not transferred to already existing symbol instances.


There have been requests for years to have a filed type that would pull the data from the symbol definition, but it does not exist yet.


Maybe there is a better way with the Data Manager, but I don't know it.

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Create a Record Format, Attach it to the Symbol definition in the RM by editing the 2d definition with nothing selected drag & drop the RF.

This RF can contain all your preset Data

For clarity you can create a second RF where the dynamic data will go.

Every time you place a new symbol it will bring these two RFs with it.

You can fill the dynamic data manually on the drawing or in some cases - like numbering - via linking the RF field to the Data Tag auto-number feature.


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