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Another Window tool issue. Argh. Where do I submit / report bugs?

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Hi, again -


Yesterday I submitted a question (bug) regarding sills not being represented properly when using the Window tool (Vectorworks Architect 2024 - latest update).  Today I discovered another problem the 'Custom' configuration within the Window Settings pane.  Basically, when I choose a 'Custom' configuration with multiple 'columns', there is a 'mullion' missing between the first and second columns.  AND it appears that this missing mullion shows at the opposite jamb side.  Attached are two screen captures showing the issue.  


Also, where can I submit both of these windows issues as a Vectorworks Architect BUG?  


Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.



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For future reference, you can try https://www3.vectorworks.net/vectorworks-bug-report but don't expect to get a response or even confirmation the bug report was received.  The forum still seems like the best way to do this.






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Well, I downloaded VW 2024 Update 2 and there are still problems with windows with custom sash settings.  ARGH.


In a two sash custom window, strange things happen when making the left sash wider than the right sash.  If the left sash is narrower than half the width of the overall window, everything is okay.  The attached file shows the problem.


I discovered this within five minutes of using VW with Update 2.  Please let me know if you can recreate this problem.  Very frustrating.



Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 5.22.05 PM.png

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@doug shaffer perhaps in the meantime until your issue is resolved...you could create a Windoor window and see if you get better results? I have no idea if you have installed Windoor ?? It is installed through the 'Help' Menu item "install partner products" There is a bit of a learning curve on using Windoor, but it shouldn't kill ya.

Here are a couple screenshots. Let me know if you want the actual 2024 file.


I kinda had to guess on the overall window size 🙂





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