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This board - reply notification

Petri Sakkinen


Compared with a mailing list, this tech board is a nightmare. Takes ages to do anything with it.

One improvement would be to get emailed notifications for replies to your posts - this is pretty much the standard in many web-based discussion groups.

Better still: dump the whole idea and establish a mailing list.

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Ahh - now I know why I had not seen it! That feature is only available when you create a new topic, not when you reply.

So, I'll repeat the previous suggestion: email notification would be extremely helpful. I don't necessarily want to establish a dupliate thread - but I can't spend hours trawling here, either.

Also, the main proposal of dumping this format and setting up a mailing list still stands. (A certain Reverend might give NNA a hand in this respect...)

A mailing list takes only a fraction of the time and effort!

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Hi Petri,

I understand your frustration with the board, it is not very practical for serious discussions, but I think it can be improved and that it should exist alongside the mail lists anyway.

The point beeing that the board is more open to newcomers, as you don't have to sign up you can just walk in and have a look.

It can also work better as a knowledge base, list archives are usually much harder to search or browse by thread.

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