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Curtain Wall - how to easily move mullions

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I have been battling the curtain wall tool for over 2 years now and still do not have a handle on shifting mullions (horizontal and vertical). To relieve my stress, I usually just create storefronts from scratch and save as symbols. But one problem surfaced - when I have sill flashing incorporated into the symbol, the graphics legend includes the flashing height (see SF-8 and SF-13 below).


What is the method most people use to move mullions? 


Often times equal spacing of mullions and sizes of mullions change in one storefront (see below). 




Any assistance is most appreciated.



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Moving/Adding curtain wall mullions is not super fun, but it's workable in a cludgy VW way.  You may want to use the move/copy commands, but that doesn't work.


  1. Work in Orthogonal view, elevation.
  2. Set the working plane to the face of a mullion.
  3. Set guides.  Even divide is your friend, especially with a rectangle (because you now have vertical lines to snap to). 
  4. Double click to select the mullion, make sure the select frame mode is selected.
  5. Snap to the mullion center.
  6. Move by left clicking on the mullion, hold down and drag.
  7. Copy by left clicking on the mullion, drag, and holding down the option key.
  8. You can also move by a set distance by tabbing and manually entering the required units.
  9. It's harder to copy by a set distance, but you can.  Select mullion.  Move, tab, enter distance, and hold down the option key.

As for mullions randomly appearing, usually that happens when you do something to reset the curtainwall, and the grid settings reintroduce themselves.  I haven't figured out how to entirely eliminate this. 


Sadly there is no even divide mullion setting.


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Thank you.  I will try those.  It is very frustrating and time consuming for doing something one would think would be simple.  Dragging and dropping is not a simple thing - it is like the mullions have a life of their own.  If they don't want to go somewhere, by gosh they won't.



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