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USD import missing textures



I'm using VW 2023 SP5 and when I import a simple test USD file (or it may be a USDZ file, if there is a difference) it comes in without the textures on the model. I get a folder with the textures, but I'm not sure how to apply them. I was hoping they would be on the figure already as sometimes happens with OBJ import. Any advice? I am trying to get IT to bump me up to VW 2023 SP7 or install VW 2024. Would that help? See the attached images on how it should look and what I get when I import the model.


MH Brown

Penguin model with textures.JPG

Penguin model.JPG

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According to this older thread on the same topic, this bug was supposed to be fixed in Vw2023 SP5. I haven’t tried in SP7 to see if in fact it has been fixed.

Further down in that thread @Dave Donley said that there were some USDZ models that were still not importing textures in SP5, but there was no follow up that it had been fixed — so who knows, it may still be a bug.



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Thanks, Dave, I'm trying to get in touch with IT right now for that very reason. I'm helping a colleague who works in 3DS Max, so I thought it would be a good use for the USD format. Unfortunately, I can't do my own updates. If I have the choice, would it be better (or possible) to just upgrade to VW2024?


MH Brown

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I completely understand your aversion to proprietary software like .fbx, but in this case I think you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. Autodesk is massive and, as a VW user, I have to explain how I can work inside that universe to very skeptical people. If everyone starts trading around .fbx files you might think hard about joining the party. It may soon enough become a standard format, and, after all, VW does export it. Just my two-cents.

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@MGuilfoile - In this case I think the fault may lie with your Penguin file. When I open that USD file in Apple's Reality Converter, it does not have any textures attached. See below. There should be textures in the texture slots at the right, but there's nothing -- which explains why you didn't get any textures in Vw 2024 with this file.




It also threw up the following warning message:



UsdUVTexture nodes that feed the _inputs: normals_ of a UsdPreviewSurface must ensure that the data is encoded and scaled properly.


- Since normals are expected to be in the range [(-1,-1,-1), (1,1,1)], the Texture node must transform 8-bit textures from their [0..1] range by setting its _inputs:scale_ to [2, 2, 2, 1] and _inputs:bias_ to [-1, -1, -1, 0]

- Normal map colorspaces should be set to raw to prevent unwanted transformations.



I tested many of Apple's sample USD files in Vw2024 SP0 (as well as Vw2023 SP7), and they all imported with textures when drag and dropped into a blank Vw file. You should test some of the files on that page to see if they work for you.


It might be worth it for you to download Apple's Reality Converter; you can add textures into the correct slots if they are missing. As well as being able to see the Base Units.


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