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Vw 2024 - Interactive Handing difference between inserting Doors in 2D -vs- 3D



Playing around with the new door functionality in Vw2024, and it seems that the new Interactive Handing functionality was intended primarily for use in 2D Top / Plan mode.


1) In a 3D view, with the Door tool selected, after you click on a Wall to insert the door, the only hint you have that you have to do something else to insert the door is the hint in the bottom left corner of the screen saying 'Standard Insertion Mode. Set Flip'.

2) The onscreen preview of the door in the wall does not change as you move the cursor around the door opening.

3) The little triangle at the bottom of the door - showing what I presume is the door orientation - doesn't change with respect to moving the mouse around.


So it seems that if you insert doors in 3d, then you'll need to go to 2D Top / Plan view to correctly set the door handing.




It's a similar situation when inserting a Window; it's waiting for you to set the Flip, but you only get the subtle hint in the bottom left corner.



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I just tried the same thing in Vw2023 SP7, and it does show the triangle flipping when you move the mouse around after inserting the door into a wall in a 3D view.


Compared to Vw2024, it seems like Vw2023 gave you more of a visual preview of the door opening swing direction in a 3d view.


Video below is from Vw2023 SP7:



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