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2024 stacked on committing changes...





In one of very first projects that we decided to switch to new version we are encountering major issue when committing is in action. Committing after short time get stack and never gets complete. Only way to make project sharing work again is setup project sharing anew.

After project sharing is working back again it works for some time with shorter time between commits and less amount of changes, but when there is more changes to send (seem like it is related to amount of changes that need to be pushed to project file ...?)it get stacked.


Any idea or hint what might be causing this issue? Is there some hidden limit that we can not exceed ...?

Project file originally created in 2023 version. 


We have same issue with other file in which we log our project hours ... typically one work hour = one slot consisting of 2D symbol with text + record format attached. Over fewer years we have collected decent amount of symbols in that one file. Problem occur when starting new project and new project name is inserted into record format list of projects + this change is sent (commit) to project file. Vectorworks cant handle it and process always gets stacked...Again, only way is to save file as a regular vwx file and setup project sharing anew.


But this is not the case of first mentioned project (no piles of symbols with records) , just trying to find answer and am sharing this issue we are having related to project sharing ... same in 2023 and 2024.


Any workaround?



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