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Data tag - Returning sequences

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44 minutes ago, Peter Neufeld. said:

Here's a video I did yesterday for an interior designer who was just drawing rectangles and had a user defined Data Tag for naming them. She then wanted that to be listed in a worksheet. After I showed her how to do it via record formats, she then wanted the height and width of the rectangles to also be included. This is why I renamed the record format as you can see in this quick movie.


Pushing Data Tag info back into a record in order to display in a worksheet is a very useful feature. This method is also, IMO, an easier way to do this and avoid complex worksheet formulas.













I'm interested now to play with the DataTagField function since if I understand it correctly it allows you to report directly on the tag fields (from a worksheet) without the need for a Record, which I'm sure will be useful/preferable in some circumstances...

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