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Solid subtraction of multiple separate objects


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I have 120 individual extrudes that I want to subtract a shape from. However, all the options I see result in a grouped instance of all the extrudes. I need them separate to put them on sheet and for the CNC cutter. Last topic about this was 2014 so I hoped there has been some development that I overlooked!



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Another thought if the "line" of extrudes to skewer on a rod fits the need. Only works if pairs of extrudes have a straight edge facing the gap between.  Splitting edge doesn't need to be parallel to axis of the "rod".


Make a solid addition of the extrudes (now they act as a single object)

Place the "rod" as needed.

Subtract Solids (extrudes have holes but are a single Generic Solid)

Use the split tool (120 times, ugh! Sorry).  Tool has to drag an edge of each extrude, eg in Top view.


Here's a little video.




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Take a gander
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Like @Benson Shaw says, hard to know what to suggest without knowing more about what exactly you want.


You can use symbols inside subtractions, so you could symbolise the thing you want to subtract, make 120 duplicates of it in the same location then subtract one of these from each of the 120 extrudes. This would be a tedious process but at least if you wanted to change the shape of the subtracted object, you'd just need to do it once.

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@Benson Shaw  thank you! that is indeed the situation I'm in. I attached a screenshot of my situation. The wireframe volume should be substracted from the panels. Your method works indeed, so that's how I'm doing it now. However, as mentioned, it is a very tedious process, which to me seems like it could be easily reduced to a single functionality in the program. 


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37 minutes ago, VIRTUALENVIRONS said:

There may be another reason you are getting a grouped instance.  It may have to do with your box shape.  Vectorworks can do both Solid and Surface modelling.


When Vectorworks encounters a Boolean (Solids) that it cannot compute as a solid, it will shift to surface mode.  This will produce what you are describing.  



This is not what's happening here.


The "grouped instance" described in the OP is not literally a grouped instance of anything. It's the inevitable result of a solid addition of multiple objects, which is a step you need to take if you want to subtract another object from all of them in one operation.



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27 minutes ago, line-weight said:

It's the inevitable result of a solid addition of multiple objects

The automatic process I described is something you may have not ever encountered as Architectural geometry seldom pushes VW's.   It is a thing though and I have/had to be careful with this over the years.


But, it is simply a suggestion, a piece of information that is true that can be looked at in this case.  

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