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sheet/class/layer organization


First of all, it would be nice to undock not only sheets but classes and layers as well. But I'm getting ahead of myself. All three of these menus automatically organize themselves alphabetically. I'd like to be able to put them in any order I want. Right now I'm trying to organize my sheets and have to add number prefixes to them to get them in the right order. Not fun if my sheet titles also have a lot of numbers in them.

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In the layers dialog box, layers are listed in a stacking order. When you create a new layer, you will notice it will go to the top of the list - per rules of layer stacking. You can then move the layer up or down with the approrpiate button in the Layers dialog box. Classes are a little different. Since no stacking rules are involved with classes - they are not designed to stack on top of each other as in modeling would, they are listed alphabetically based on the naming tree convention. When creating sheets, the classes and layers are listed alphabetically making it easier to filter thru the ones you want and don't want in your sheet since most people have their layers named something relative to what the layer is generally about.

Sheets are listed in the save sheets button, and in the script window in value based on the numerical value of the first digit and going to the right, not necessarily by the value in terms of hundreds place mark, thousands place mark, etc. After numerical listing, the sheets are listed by alphabet. Again, this aids in quick reference for those that call the sheets common names.

How would you prefer the classes and sheets be listed in the classes dialog box and the saved sheets dialog box?

Just in the order of creation? Classes listing in the classes dialog box would be hard to list per creation as when using various plug-ins and symbols, classes are created several at a time often enough for one object.

Or only in the save sheets dialog box and not necessarily in the classes dialog box?

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