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Slab objects clip walls and walls clip slab components just like roofs



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Yes, that's right, and auto-bound scan will only clip wall components at the perimeter. But that's not exactly what I'm talking about. The example in the video was of an internal wall that needs the ceiling to be clipped on one side and not the other. I think it would make sense if slabs had the same abilities as roofs, to clip or be clipped.

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Have watched the video now! Yes that is exactly what I meant in my post: the ability for an internal Wall to clip the underside of a Slab. Or the bottom of a Wall to clip the floor finish. Very desirable + gets my vote. I generally draw floor finish Slabs + ceiling Slabs as separate objects + this would mean I wouldn't need to + be a lot easier.


As I'm sure you know, another option at present - instead of drawing two separate ceiling Slabs either side of your internal Wall - would be to clip the Slab in Top/Plan with a 2D shape + have the clipping affect just the bottom component. But this gets really messy if you do it on a large scale as hard to keep track of the modifiers + a pain to edit them. But if it was just a one-off...

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