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Can data tag reference and do math with its own fields?

Benson Shaw

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With only limited experience, trying to bend a data tag to my will.  Goal is to multiply or divide value in a calculated field by the value in a User Entered field elsewhere in the same data tag.  


Associated objects are just basic polygons with no record formats.


Is this possible? The "items" in attached image do not need to be present in the drawing.  I just input an area value of my choice in Field #2 of the Data Tag.


Any comment welcome.





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Hi @Benson Shaw have a look at the attached I think it does what you want...? It relies on the 'Benson Tag' Record being attached to the big object but this could be done by class via the Data Manager so it happened automatically. When you place the tag, enter the name, item area + item cost info in the Edit Data Tag dialog: this data will be passed to the Record Format + in turn read by the other tag fields. Done in a rush so may contain mistakes...


Benson Tag_.vwx

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3 minutes ago, Benson Shaw said:

@Tom W.  Wow, many thanks for that!  I'm trying to learn more about Data Tags.  Use of single record format applied to many objects, then same data tag with user input for the variables is great.  Also good demo using the destination data area.  Excellent!






I think Data Tags are great, you can do so much with them: sometimes just as a way to take data from an object + send it to a record + not even use it as a label.


However, where they really fall down is when you try to tag objects in busy viewports. Section VPs in particular. What a joke that can be...

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OK, still testing. Note - not trying to invent an event planning workflow. It's just a way to test data tag function.


File has a new record format with a field for each kind of entry in the Data Tag, and a new Tag with fields corresponding to the record format fields.  Works fine if user entry made via the Edit Tag Data dialog.  OIP Data tab updates appropriately. But changes made in the OIP Data tab can mess up the Data Tag calc and entry fields.  And no good way to back out of that error.


Also, the Edit Data Tag dialog shows some extra fields which report calc results and current user entry data, but are inactive.  Kinda confusing.


any comment welcome.





Tag:Record test.vwx

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