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Fillet Tool Issues

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So for years now when I try to fillet two arcs the result is exactly the opposite from what I want. For example, if I want to do a 10' radius at a street intersection, I don't get the radius that would connect the two perpendicular road segments (at the curb not the centerline), I get what would be the entire portion of the arc that I don't want that connects to nothing. This used to be a function that worked. Rarely do I get to use two line segments and have perfect 90 degree road intersections, they are mostly arcs that connect perpendicular to each other. Anybody else having issues with the fillet tool not working properly in other ways? This has been a consistent issue since maybe v2008. Please don't suggest the road tool, not a usable option for anything.

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@uglycat Not sure what version you are using, but since your file opened without warning in Vw2024 I can assume that's what you're using.


And you're right, I have the same issue in Vw2024, the fillet is opposite of what it should be... BUT — 


I tried in four other previous versions on macOS — Vw2020 (SP6), 2021 (SP5), 2022 (SP6), and 2023 (SP7) — and they were all able to Fillet (Trim mode) your sample file arcs correctly with a 3'-0" radius (which is the same radius as what you had in your sample file).


I also tried with 10' radius and as long as the starting arcs were long enough they were all able to correctly fillet the arcs as well. 



Since it DID work correctly in previous versions, this is clearly a bug in Vw2024 and you should report it as such. Good find.



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Thank you for your reply rDesign, I am actually using r2024 on windows 11 for reference. Glad you were able to reproduce the issue. I did try the file in 2023 and noticed slightly different results but still wrong. It seems to be far worse in v2024. The result seems to change depending on where you click on the arcs.


Peter, as far as I can tell I can't reverse an arc and changing how its drawn is not an option. 


Also noticed that you can't fillet a polyline? is this correct? It always says parallel lines can't be filleted or chamfered. see attached image.

fillet polylines.jpg

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1 hour ago, uglycat said:

The result seems to change depending on where you click on the arcs.

Absolutely, especially when you’re in trim mode as Vw needs to know which end of the arcs you want to trim, and this is based on where you click. Note that I had to extend your arcs in your test file to get a proper fillet in Vw2023 and earlier; your arc lengths were too short for the radius you were trying to fillet.


@Peter Neufeld. Thanks for the feedback, but the direction of the arcs wouldn’t explain why the same test file would fillet correctly in versions 2023 and earlier, but would fail in Vw2024. If it is a long-standing issue, it certainly seems to have gotten worse in Vw2024 as the videos demonstrate.

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