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Lockable Classes?

Mark Chevalier


We use a Template with pre-set classes. We also often import other consultants work, bringing with it a slew of new classes. As work progresses it is nice to "purge". However, if any of our standard classes do not (yet) have work on them they are lost and cumbersome to restore.

Is there a way that the "purge" command could be more flexible to allow selections of classes to be retained / locked even if they are not yet in use?Thanx! grin.gif" border="0

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Mark, you should try the "standards" feature:

Make a file with all the classes you need (your template for example) and put it inside the folder named "Standards".

After the purge, open the "Classes..." panel and ask to create a new class. Choose the "create classes from standards" radio button, select your standards file.

Now you can control-click to select and re-create all your standard classes at once.



PS: I have a wish / script idea that goes the oposite direction, I would like to have a "purge by standards" command that would remove classes not on some predefined standards (it could pass all the objects on those classes to a 'purged' calls). I wrote more about this idea at the vectorscript part of this board.

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