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Sliding Door With Glass Leaf Showing As Solid Leaf in Plan View



I am having an issue with the display of my sliding door with a glass leaf in Top/Plan view. The leaf is showing as solid but I would like it to display the side rails (sash) and the glazing same as window objects. Is that even possible? Am I missing a setting? Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Screenshot 2023-09-18 183417.png

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if you configure the sliding door so it uses classes for the graphic display of the components....

You can set the "leaf" and "jamb" to match a class for your windows or set them to a class that matches the windows graphics, I would go with the latter personally.

The middle door is using this method while the others are using default door characteristics.



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I think @Kevins330 wants to see the stiles + glazing in section the same way you do with Windows. The Door Tool doesn't facilitate this but WinDoor does if you wanted to try that:




Not sure what version you're on but I think WinDoor is available from VW2022 onwards for non-Antipodeans...

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